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May 20, 2010 / Eileen Holmes-Ievers

No Contract, Pay as You Go Marketing – A Good Idea?

As I travel round the country meeting new prospects and talking to them about marketing and how best to promote their companies, one of the major grumbles I come across, and a real barrier to them using a marketing agency, is the fact that they don’t want to be stuck in a long term contract that obliges them to fork out a lot of money each month and on top of that a 6 month termination clause means that even when they’ve decided they no longer want to work with the agency there’s still several thousands of pounds to pay.

Of course, I’m not saying contracts don’t have their place. They do and provide service companies with a certain security. However, in the times we are living and working in now, there has to be flexibility. So how about a marketing agency that didn’t make you sign a contract, would you be more likely to choose them over one who insisted on a contract (all things being equal, of course)?

From my travels, I think many companies would. So, at In Press we’ve decided to take a risk. We have a new package on offer that allows industrial companies to use the range of services In Press has to offer:

•    PR
•    E-mail marketing
•    Internet lead generation

on a monthly Pay-as-you-Go basis. There’s no contract. For PR, an initial media set up fee of £1200 will be charged and then any of our services (1 only) for £500. Imagine, a product launch via a multi-faceted PR campaign in print and online for only £500. Or, e-mail your customers direct with a custom-designed e-shot. Recent successes have seen Opens as high as 33% – spectacular when you consider the industry average quoted for “old-fashioned” direct marketing campaigns was, at best, 5%!

Good idea? I hope so.


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